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We use CustomerSure to check that our customers are happy - every time.Before, during or after orthodontic treatment we will offer oral hygiene advice and necessary treatment to ensure your mouth remains healthy, to give you the best result possible outcome.

Bacteria in dental plaque accumulating on the teeth cause caries and tooth decalcification, and the bacteria produce acid, which progressively dissolves the tooth surface.

This can lead to surface staining and eventually to decay, which can be accelerated when wearing braces because bacteria can be harder to dislodge from the behind the fixed wire.

The best way to avoid caries and stains is through impeccable oral hygiene and to follow the hygiene instructions given to you at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment. Your new regimen is likely to be longer and more complex.

Sometimes however you may prefer a professional deep clean to make sure all the areas of your mouth have been thoroughly refreshed, and it may be a good idea to book in orthocleans at regular intervals as a protective measure for your oral health during orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic appliances themselves do not cause caries, decalcification or gum disease but they may be a factor in retaining food particles and dental plaque.

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It’s difficult to put into words what it means to smile with confidence. Whether you are dreaming of a whiter, straighter smile, or a complete Smile Makeover. No two smiles are the same, and with your vision and our skill, together we will create a smile that you can be truly proud of.

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“As always 5 star treatment which is why I have been with the same practice since I was a young girl. John has always reassured me with any concerns I’ve had and always put me at ease.”


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Dental implants can be used to transform the lives of patients with missing teeth or loose dentures. 20 years experience means that we can also provide patients with a whole new smile on dental implants in just 1 day. Just like having your own teeth back.

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