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Patient Case 1

This patient came to us very unhappy with the appearance of his teeth. He told us he has not felt comfortable smiling for a long time. After his examination where we discussed the different options available, careful planning and a Diagnostic wax up of the new veneers, we could show this patient what the result would look like before any treatment took place. Finally deciding to do a combination of crowns and veneers on both upper and lower teeth to give him this amazing smile he deserves and can be proud of.

Patient Case 2

After suffering from an accident this patient came to us unhappy with the appearance of his teeth. One in particular had discoloured and needed root canal treatment in order to save it. Some of the teeth were damaged and the best option was to place porcelain veneers to put them back into a better position and cosmetically improve the shape and colour of his teeth.

Patient Case 3

This patient had gained quite a few chips over the years on her upper and lower front teeth. Concerned that more would keep chipping off, we suggested a restorative solution to help prevent any more teeth breaking. We crowned both upper and lower front teeth protecting them from any further damage. This patient was keen to keep her small gap which we loved as it is part of her character.

Patient Case 4

This patient had significant tooth surface wear caused by a tooth grinding habit and also had gum recession around his existing root treatment and crown. We created a beautiful end result with a combination of minimal prep veneers, crowns and an implant crown.

Patient Case 5

This Patient had trauma to his upper centrals some years ago leaving them discoloured and with a poor prognosis. He had temporary crowns on the implants during the healing phase which helped to shape the gum nicely and give a very natural final result.

Patient Case 6

This patient came to us wanting to have dental implants to replace his missing teeth and to get rid of his denture. The remaining teeth had a poor prognosis and may have compromised the implants in the future, so it was decided to have full clearance and have upper and lower implant-retained bridges. This patient had 5 implants in each arch.

Patient Case 7

This lady had a huge phobia of going to the dentist, as a result of this her oral health had considerably deteriorated over the years leaving her with gum issues and bone loss. This compromised all of the teeth leaving them unrestorable and with a very poor prognosis.

After having a CT scan which confirmed all the teeth needed to be extracted, we planned a full mouth reconstruction with implant retained bridges. During this journey the patient gained Dr Styger’s trust and overcame her fear of the dentist.

During the healing phase of 6 months after the implants were placed, it was extremely important for the patient to have a soft diet as her temporary bridges were placed on the implants (this is not always possible). Pressure on the implants during this time could cause them to fail. Once the implants have integrated which takes 6 months, they are ready to be loaded with the finial bridges allowing the patient to function as normal again. Patient was very happy with her result.

Patient Case 8

This patient has had veneers, crowns, and implant retained crowns. UR1 and LR5 are the implant retained crowns. As you can see the shape and colour of the teeth are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Patient Case 9

This patient visited Portmore after her local dentist retired and she could not find anyone she could put her trust in. She was unhappy with her smile stating that her teeth were too yellow and that she did not have any confidence to smile in photos anymore. This was highlighted to her after reviewing her recent wedding photos. A thorough examination and consultation was carried out to listen to all of her wants and needs. A manual and digital smile design was performed, and she was delighted with our proposed treatment plan. A combination of implant crowns and veneers were fitted in only two sessions which gave her the smile she always wanted. She was so pleased with the result that it prompted her to revitalise her modelling career. Watch this patient’s story here

Patient Case 10

This patient was born with enamel deficiency, which caused his teeth to appear brown and mottled. He was anxious about dental treatment and that prevented him from having any cosmetic treatment in the past. He travelled from London to come and see us and we very quickly built a relationship of trust. The combination of zirconium crowns and veneers were fitted to hide the imperfect and strengthen his teeth. This wanted to have the gap between his front teeth closed and we managed to give him an even smile that he cannot stop showing off.

Patient Case 11

This patient came to see us because she wanted a natural improvement to her smile. She did not like the colour of her existing teeth which was previously filled with composite to repair the wear on her teeth. Overtime, the composite stained and chipped and we decided to go for a more permanent solution. This patient was also looking for a slightly fuller smile. We used minimal prep veneers to fill her smile line and give her a whiter, brighter appearance.

Patient Case 12

This patient was looking for options to improve the alignment of her teeth. She felt that her smile was ‘gappy’ and she did not like the crooked appearance of her teeth. We discussed all options with Tessa, including orthodontics and whitening. This patient decided to go for minimally invasive veneers as this option addressed all of her concerns regarding her smile. We provided the veneers on upper and lower teeth in two appointments and within a week, she had the smile that she was looking for.

Patient Case 13

This patient had a combination of crowns and veneers to replace a slightly protruding and ageing smile. She was so pleased with the dramatic, yet very beautiful result.

Patient Case 14

This patient did not like her short teeth, overall appearance of her smile and she suffered from headaches from her tooth grinding habit. This patient was treated with a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns and for her tooth grinding habit. She now has fewer headaches and has a smile to be envied.

Patient Case 15

This patient had an accident with severe damage to his front teeth. He was in discomfort and concerned about his smile and attended for emergency treatment. We used the latest implant techniques combined with minimally invasive porcelain restorations to restore his bite and give him the aesthetic result he always wanted.

Patient Case 16

This patient came to see us with missing UL1&2 which she lost through a cycling accident. She had a partial denture to replace the upper left central and lateral. The roots were removed on the day of surgery and Ankylos implants were placed in the UL1 and 2 sockets. The space between the implant and buccal bone was filled with a bone substitute. Peek abutments were used to fabricate temporary crowns for immediate loading. She was followed up a week later and was healing well. Healing was uneventful and after 6 months the final impressions were taken. This patient also wanted to enhance her smile and asked for veneers which were prepared on the day of the impressions. The veneers and Emax implant crowns were fitted 2 weeks later. We were all pleased with a great result.

Patient Case 17

This patient had numerous courses of treatment to improve the aesthetics of her smile. This included orthodontics and cosmetic restorations, but she was never completely happy with the result. After careful planning, we decided to place 10 veneers on her upper teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. With minimal preparations and skilled technicians, we achieved the result she always wanted.

Patient Case 18

This patient was not happy with her old crown and discoloured front teeth. With the help of our dental technicians, we replaced the crown and matched three veneers to the adjacent teeth, to create a natural, beaming smile. ‘…I now have the best smile I’ve had in fifty years…’ Quite a transformation with a relatively simple procedure. We could not be more proud of the result.

Patient Case 19

This patient had tetracycline staining which caused his teeth to appear discoloured. We treated this patient with zirconium veneers to transform and strengthen his teeth.

Patient Case 20

This patient has a grinding habit and tooth surface wear that was built up with composite repeatedly for many years. She was looking for a solution where she can achieve a beautiful smile that lasts. Unfortunately, the composite restorations could not meet these criteria, so we used porcelain veneers for a smile makeover. As you can see here, the result is what this patient always wanted.

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