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Date Posted: 10th July 2018 | Category: Blog

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Growing the practice

For the last 12 months, we have been growing and developing the practice in order to provide exceptional levels of specialised reconstructive dentistry for our patients.

We have readdressed our infrastructure, strategy, long-term vision and then began the process of recruiting additional staff to support our existing team members.

Any business owner will tell you this can be a daunting process. How do you know if you have found ‘The One’ by looking at a CV?  Often, the most challenging interview does not tell the whole story and you find yourself relying on gut instinct. And even the most robust recruitment & selection procedures can leave you open to unsettling the team apple cart at best and a very short probationary period at worst.

A strong recruitment process is vital for the team at Portmore, you probably already know that we call ourselves the ‘Portmore Family’. Please don’t think we are ‘cliquey’ or unwelcoming, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. We always welcome visitors, patients and guests to the practice with open arms.

It’s just that we work hard at being a happy team. All of us.

We are a big team of 24. Different personalities, different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Some of us at the very beginning of our careers, some in their twilight years. Some having babies, some watching children leave home, others welcoming grandchildren into the world.

We are a mixed bunch to say the least. But everyone brings something interesting, unique and very special to the table.

Somewhere in amongst all the hubbub is an unspoken passion to make ‘our little family’ work. The team is unwaveringly supportive of each other. Both personally and professionally. We have created a culture of trust, honesty and integrity. We speak about (and to) each other with respect and kindness. We value the opinions of each other. There may be different levels of responsibility within the practice, but we believe that no ‘one’ person is more important than another.

We pitch in when there is a crises. We celebrate our victories together.

And we know how to have fun! We are passionate about what we do and approach our roles at Portmore with professionalism and dedication, but we also enjoy our days together in a haze of fun and laugher.

The new team members you ask? They are already part of the furniture………..

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