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Date Posted: 9th February 2021 | Category: Blog, Team

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I work on Reception/Front of House.

And have been with Portmore for 7 years now.

My hobbies out of work include, Gardening, bird watching, (both acquired whilst on furlough!!), eating and drinking (if that is a hobby!)

If I were an animal, I would be a Parrot.




My job title at Portmore is Front of House.

I have worked here for three years.

My hobbies out of work are, walking & watching a good series!

If I were an animal, I would be….does a unicorn count?




My job title/s here at Portmore are Assistant manager and treatment co-ordinator.

I have now worked here for a total of ten years!

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, walking, shopping, and spending time with my family : ) 

If I were an animal, I would want to be a dolphin because they get to explore the whole ocean.




I am a Business Manager here at Portmore.

I have now worked here for 2.5 years, although it feels like I have always been working here.

My hobbies include Dancing, which after having  three kids became a life goal 😊

If I were to be an animal, I would choose an Elephant 😊 They are great leaders and very loyal to those around them.




I work at Portmore as a Treatment Coordinator.

I have been here now coming up four years this May.

Outside of work I enjoy walking my majestic dog Zorro, gardening, and trying to eat biscuits slyly without my child noticing and demanding that I share.

If I could be any animal, it would be some sort of bird so I could fly and enjoy the views of mountains that I would not otherwise be able to hike as a person.




My job title is receptionist at the front desk.

I work two days a week and started at the end of last October, so probably around three months having previously been with British Airways for 34 years as cabin crew.

My hobbies are cooking, wine, travel, enjoy theatre, current affairs, and love anything to do with history. 

I enjoy being by the sea having been brought up in west Wales on the coast and if I were an animal I would maybe a dolphin.




I am a Receptionist here at Portmore and have been now for about three weeks.

My hobbies include going out with friends and attending concerts.

If I could be any animal, it would be a Giraffe.

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